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Welcome to my crazy world! Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found something that will inspire you to overcome, bring you a chuckle, or give you something to ponder. Please come back often, and invite your friends to come along!

We live in times that give all of us reasons to fear. For some it is family finances. For others it involves dealing with family issues from raising young children to caring for elders. Traveling in an era of terrorism gives fraidy cats like me cause to pause! Maybe traumas and skeletons in your past leave you trembling on the inside. There is a fraidy cat in all of us. The list is as varied as the hairs of our head.  I'm in the process of evicting mine...and I have several! So, come on along for the fun...if you dare!

In the last 14 years, my family has faced a host of issues including but not limited to (and in no particular order):

-marital issues leading to the brink of divorce
-health issues impacting our finances
-kids and a spouse with autistic spectrum disorders
-aging parents and the death of two
-multiple moves (5 in 10 yrs not including local ones)
-chapter 13, the loss of a home, and 20 months of 'homelessness'
-homeschooling LD kids during severe trauma (ie homelessness)
-homeschooling LD kids in normal times
- 2 layoffs (3 yrs for one and 5 mo for the other)
- spouse living in a different state due to the economy
- a home that is worth less than we owe on it due to the economy
-launching a college aged son
-helping a teenage son with unique learning challenges accept and value himself
-dealing with complicated family histories and broken extended family relationships
- 6 mo on wheelchair/walker while living in a tri-level and spouse was 5 hrs away

I'm sure I'll think of a few more, but that is probably enough to let you know why I'm a fraidy cat. If you are one too, you are in good company! 

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