Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome to Monday Meet Up

Howdy! Life is moving at the speed of blink these days as I refine my vision for Confessions of a Fraidy Cat. Last year this time, it seemed as though God was whispering, “Be quiet. Study to show yourself approved.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Blog-silence equals a death sentence. While I was busy being quieter, Facebook made it harder for those of us using social media to spread the word about our platforms. Silence became even riskier. Can you spell s-c-a-r-y?

Courtesy Mad Penguin Creative
While I soldiered on in a quieter mode than in 2011, God opened doors of learning again and again. I did my best to study every time a door opened.

More and more ideas began to percolate. I wasn’t sure how to hit the launch button on the new ideas, but I kept studying even as I felt myself melting into social media oblivion.

Courtesy Mad Penguin Creative 
After attending The BEECH RETREAT this past weekend, I realized the time had come to resume regular, predictable posting. What a relief! Do you know how hard it is for me to be quiet?

Mondays from now till the end of April will be a fun day to drop by and bring a friend!

I am excited about my partnership with in(courage) on April 26th and 27th. This year’s annual in(RL) virtual conference serves to encourage community between women who might not otherwise meet in real life.

Courtesy D. Scott
Registrants will watch a one hour presentation at home, via computer, on April 26. On the 27th, groups of women will meet at appointed places in their hometowns to view a webcast together. 

I have signed up to host one of the April 27th small group meetings and can’t wait to see how God brings our group together!

I first heard of this event when I was at the Allume Social Media Conference last October. As soon as I saw the video promo, my heart rate quickened. I knew I wanted to be part of the process but never, in all my fraidy cat days, saw myself going out on a limb to host a group.

In honor of the upcoming event, I decided to dedicate Mondays to anticipation of the in(RL) event in hopes I might spur some of you to join us right there in your own hometowns!

Courtesy A. Hughes
I’ve invited my group over for a potluck lunch. We will connect with new friends and foster deeper relationships with old ones. The webcast is gonna be transformational for each of us. How can you turn down an offer like that?

In the weeks to come, I will be reading Sarah Mae's wonderful book Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe (You’ll meet Sarah in the event promo, so click the link!) Each Monday, I’ll share my thoughts on and reactions to the book. 

I hope you’ll grab your copy, read along, and add your comments as we build anticipation for conference weekend.

Here’s your homework for today:

  • Come back next Monday and join the community and conversation re the first two chapters of the book.

Courtesy B. Creasy - 2010
No group in your area – no problem. If a fraidy cat can host one, so can you!

See you next Monday? Love you long and strong, Fraidy Cat. See you then. 

Psst! Wanna know how Allume helped transform my life?
Click here to find out.  


  1. So.... it's okay to be completely terrified by the thought of signing up, right?

    1. Christy, being completely terrified is a prerequisite for my group. :-)

  2. What a joy to see you this morning. God is certainly speaking and you are listening! I love seeing His plan unfold for you and your ministry. Blessings on all your projects!

    1. Thanks, Vonda. Life is so busy I am not nearly as productive here as I would love to be. I guess it is God's way of pacing me!

  3. Oh wow! Good for you, hosting a small group. Cheryl Beech and I will be, too!

    A reader sent me a copy of Desperate (is that a hint???), and I'm really appreciating. I can think of so many sweet moms who need this book! So many of us under the weight of do, do, do. Praise Him that it is already DONE!

    Love you <3

    1. I am so thankful for the time we got to spend together - especially the gift of the bus ride back to the airport. I think it is the 1st time we talked about homeschooling, and I am hungry for more!

      I'll pray for your in(RL) group. You pray for mine?