Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dear NCAA, I Think One of Us is CRAZY

I just found out that, in Facebook speak, 'smh' means 'shaking my head'. Well, picture me SMH!!! Did you see? Did you see what I saw? If you didn't, lookey right here: 


It seems that right after Kentucky WON the game against Louisville, earning a slot in the venerated last round of the March Madness tournament, the fans did just that. Went mad. There's video to prove it. Given that this insanity was their idea of celebrating, Lord help us all when they lose! If I didn't know any better, I'd think I'd been punked by an April Fool's joke.

If recent news is any indication, this group of criminal fans is not alone. College (and Pro) sports celebrations increasingly involve anarchy and destruction of property. Despite earnest efforts of local law enforcement, this undisciplined group of young adults continued about their business as if anarchy was business as usual.

I wonder how much the property owners feel like celebrating today as they file insurance claims and deal with the loss of transportation because their cars were torched? I wonder how the tax payers in that area feel about the cost of extra man power required to break up this little party? I wonder how the innocent citizens who got caught up in this nonsense felt? I wonder how the moms and dads of these kids feel if they see their kids caught on video in the thick of things? I know I'd be proud!

Call me old fashioned. Call me weird. But, as Facebook would also say – IMHO, the time has come for parents (even of 21+ year olds) to act like parents again. Maybe we could start with a little demonstration of parental guidance via the Kentucky Wildcats booster club and the NCAA hierarchy. How 'bout you LEADERS and FINANCIERS of college sports banding together to set an example that will last a generation? Do your part to bring this kind of nonsense to an end! Stop it now before it gets anymore out of hand.

Ask me how? I dare you. Since you won't ask, I'll tell you. I suggest you STRIP Kentucky of the right to advance to the final round. Require a FORFEIT for the egregious criminal behavior of their fans. Send Louisville. REWARD those students for honoring their team with a celebration that was both orderly and law abiding. I'd bet good money that no future school/fans would take a chance of robbing their team of an important goal like a championship. Don't you think it is worth a try?

I'm thinking it would take ONE bold move on the part of the boosters and the NCAA to stop this nonsense cold. I suggest they exhibit that kind of leadership now even if it hurts the revenue machine that has become college sports. Here's a clue: natural consequences DO hurt. They HURT in real life, and they COST you something. Maybe it's time to teach that lesson via the artificial world of college athletics.

You see, right here in my little state, two athletes from much smaller schools have just been arrested for the rape of three co-eds at a neighboring school. While that case is yet to be tried, the number of such inexcusable stories regarding college sports grows by the year. Within the last few months, other athletes here in my state have been arrested for breaking and entering. They are in bad company given the news surrounding the New Orleans Saints' practice of bounty for injuries. Whatever happened to sportsmanship among players and fans?

One would construe that these criminals aka 'students' here in my state are attending on some combination of athletic scholarships. It is no wonder, fans behave in unruly, destructive, undisciplined, illegal ways given the role models you are providing in the name of the sports revenue machines.

I'm not a parent of any of these kids, but these scenes make me sick to my stomach. I don't have a dog in the NCAA Final Four fight. I didn't even fill out a bracket. I do care about teaching civility to a nation of young adults who have increasingly lost their moral compass and individual dignity. I'm sick and tired of watching scenes like these play out over and over again with barely a flicker of concern past a yawn during a 24 hour news cycle.

It's time for someone to take a stand and exhibit some leadership. How 'bout YOU, NCAA and Kentucky Wildcat boosters? Don't blame it on a 'small group of drunken idiots' and wash your hands of what you could do on behalf of law abiding fans everywhere. The crowd around them CHEERED them ON and resisted law enforcement efforts.

It's time to set a precedent. Set one that will result in the next group of fans encouraging the 'drunken idiots' to accept a ride home lest their team be denied a championship because of riotous, criminal behavior.

Dear NCAA, one of us is crazy. Don't bother sending me a memo. I know. It's me. I'm the April fool. 


  1. WELL SAID!!! I am doubly disgusted right now, because SO many people at church are Kentucky fans, and were talking up how awesome the game was, and there was not ONE mention of this craziness.

  2. Thank you! Some sanity at last!

    1. Thanks to both of you! Altho', some of my friends might beg to differ as to my level of sanity. ;-)