Thursday, June 16, 2011


I just love you guys! I was gone, but you kept coming to visit! CHOCOLATE FOR of course...I'm not a GO-diva kinda girl!

Our power was only out about 30 hrs vs 72 as predicted. I'm sorry, but Duke Power company has bumped you guys down to #2 on my New BFF list!  In fact, I may give them your chocolate when I see them out and about this next few days.  I'm sure you'd do the same in my shoes! I know where my loyalties are...and in this southern heat/humidity...they lie squarely around our HVAC unit!

We are so, so thankful that we had no property damage other than mild hail damage to our cars. We already had hail damage to our roof that we have been waiting to fix till these hail storms cease and desist. Trees as big as the ones in our yard came down 3 streets over, so it could have been so much worse! Friends  have 15 trees down on their property.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  It has been a wild ride!

Today's blog post, which is really Wednesday's, is ready to go but for uploading pics.  Bear with me.  I'll try to post by lunch time on Friday! We all need a laugh after the last couple of days. So, we will take a break from my Lemony Snickett-like saga and see if we can't squeeze out a chuckle or 2 with an update on my home renovation projects! 

Share the love...tell a friend about the craziest fraidy cat you know! See you soon!

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