Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Walking in the Valley of the Shadow of DIY Home Renovation

Apparently, I am given to flights of insanity despite notarized statements to the contrary that my counselor has in triplicate.  We bought a house.  We loved the 'bones'. Never mind that it needed updating. It had good bones.  It just needed updating. It was a tri-level. On a down slope. It only needed updating. A chill just went up your spine, huh?

We moved in and accomplished something we had never done in our 20 or so years of marriage.  We bought a gallon  of paint. Five days later, the stock market tanked.  We put the paint away.  About a year later, I got it back out and began to fight with wall paper borders.  In my humble opinion, wall paper should be outlawed right along with recyclable plastic bottles that have that bad stuff in 'em.  Through sheer force of will, I prevailed. In fact, I got so fancy that I walked into the bathroom, saw wall paper beginning to peel and.... You know what they say about pride? I should have known better.

it only hurts when I look at it
In my own defense, the wall paper was dark green with pink flowers, and I have 2 testosterone units using that bathroom.  It made sense.  I decided to go ahead and yank that stuff down.  I got a good start knowing I'd finish the dining room by the end of the week and then conquer the bathroom.  I even mowed the grass that day too.

By noon the next day, I was at the hospital with a right leg in 3 pieces.
You think I would have learned.  Fraidy cats don't do renovations. Unless, of course, she is a fraidy cat that has decided that friady cats don't live here anymore. Then, she eventually picks herself up and starts charging full speed ahead just like Don Quixote heading for the windmills. 

what was I thinking
I finished the dining room and entry way then turned my attention to the kitchen. I decided I probably had an HGTV show in my future.  Even my 3 fellas were fairly amazed as the sage green over red and gold walls gave way to buttercream over plain brick red.  The new white high gloss trim made me want to dance. I do a lot of that these days.  So, I decided to refurb the cabinets. 

pantry in the dining room
Now my kitchen is spread out all over my house.  Why do Martha Stewart and  Ree Drummond not warn you? They have stagers to make it look easy and keep every thing pretty and do all the dirty work. There is nothing pretty about what is doing on under my roof the next few days! Shouldn't those two issue disclaimers that if you redo your kitchen, you will be balancing your plate on the only flat surface available in the house--your toilet tank lid. 

Well, I've started it now. The doors and hardware are off. The sink wall cabinets are cleaned, sanded, and primed.    I keep telling myself it will be worth it in another year or so when all this is done. I have no choice but to put on the high gloss and rip out more wall paper.  I'm going to do that right after I write Martha Stewart and Ree Drummond. I've got some pictures I think they need to see.  Maybe I can get a reality show. Fraidy Cat's Guide to Home Reno.

after priming

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  1. I can't wait to see the completed pictures!

    Susan in GA