Monday, May 23, 2011

A Fraidy Cat Pauses to Reflect....

One can hardly begin to absorb the pictures and video coming out of Joplin, MO.I shudder to hear that the chance of storms for that area are as high, if not higher, tomorrow night.  I've lived thru 3 hurricanes that made landfall at night. I don't even want to think about a night time tornado.

Since my home away from home, Chattanooga, TN, so recently suffered the same sort of trauma, my sense of sadness is perhaps more heightened.  The horror of what has happened in the last 30 hrs has all but erased the news of the flooding along the Mississippi River.  In any other circumstances, we would be transfixed by the news coming from those areas.  Fear is a relative concept. 

 (So thankful for friends who make me believe that my meow sounds like a roar!)
Every once in a while, our own lives are put into perspective.  If the trauma being endured in the south and midwest does not rise to that level for you, consider my friend whose husband has been out of work for 18 mo. Their son just graduated from college last week and, w/i the next few days, discovered that he  has diabetes. His student insurance expires this week, and he has no job w/ insurance benefits in sight.  Consider the director of the writer's conference I attended a few days ago.  He lost a granddaughter within the last year. Now the 3YO sibling of that little one has just had brain surgery.  Fear is relative.

And so, for tonight, the fraidy cat in me pauses and takes a deep breath. My fear is relative...relatively insignificant by comparison.  Everyone has a story.  Everyone has something that has the power to scare them almost literally to death.  God bless all those who have been in harm's way as they try to make sense of what has transpired in their lives. God bless all those who will rush to into harm's way to aid those who suffer.

God bless all of you who have become part of my little corner of the cyberspace universe.See you again soon. Thank you for all the times you've hit 'share' or 'send' to get the word out about my blog!


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  1. I got a serious shot of perspective this afternoon upn finding out that my husband's aunt by marriage, just 47 years old, died today. She was the mother of 3~two young adults and one still in high school, and grandmother of 1 toddler. You just never know. Her husband has been ill for some time, and honestly, when the phone call came, I expected to hear distressing news about him~the thought that it might have been her never even crossed my mind. I am definitely battling fear tonight~fear of the unknown, and un expected. I know that nothing is unexpected by God, and He knows all and controls all, but am having a hard time tonight reconsiling what I know to be true about God with the pan and loss some of my husband's loved ones are feeling tonight.
    I want you to know that God is using this blog and your testimony here to push me to deal with some fears that I had not even really acknowledged until recently. Thank you, my friend, for being willing to be used by Him.