Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Fraidy Cat Goes Google-Ta-DAAAH


Confessions of a Fraidy Cat has made the #3 spot on the Google search engine. You no longer have to type in the url address to find me on the web. You can just type "Confessions of a Fraidy Cat" into the Google search box, and up I pop.  Excuse me while I drop my professional persona for a few seconds:

What a fitting way to begin a post about a fraidy cat eviction. Yep, you heard it, there was an eviction today.  My fear of technology is on the run. I began to vanquish my techno-fraidy cat to the stunned amazement of my resident techno-experts.  When you live in  a house where all things technological are 'intuitively obvious' to everyone but you, it seems technology becomes increasingly daunting. Remember, I'm the one reduced to tears if an icon on my desk top is moved or changed even if I can't figure out which one it is/was.

Every once in a while, it does a girl good to leave her resident testosterone units speechless. Thanks to each of you, I have done it several times this week. Not the least of which is when my little page clicker clicked right on past 1,000 hits around lunch time today! I'm thinking I'll need to get out the smelling salts before I tell them that I'm #3 and vying for the pole spot in the race to Google #1. I may even install web cams to catch their unguarded reactions for your viewing pleasure since you are helping create a love sick monster.

You can't imagine the fun it is to watch a 20 year old's jaw drop in true amazement at the news I've managed to capture a screen shot. I must give credit where credit is due. My husband  (who wishes to be referred to as an "Alien Geen" vs "nerd" or "geek"...sigh...I cannot MAKE this stuff up...) did teach me how last night. In a moment of radiant genius, I actually remembered how to do it after 8 hrs sleep! Not only that, I used it to create a tutorial page for my blog so that you readers can share the fraidy cat experience. Sometimes, I'm so slick that I amaze myself. Today was one of those days.

If you want to rejoice with me, you can visit my Fraidy Cat Goes Techno page right now! I think it is time for me to give my heirs the gift that keeps on giving: embarrassment! Coming soon to a Utube near you! Me dancing! Can you blame me?  I conquered a huge fear of technology today. I hear you. You are dancing too, aren't you? Hey! We could do a dancing fraidy cat flash mob! (Note to self: plan flash mob in spare time.) But, I digress.

I got so carried away with myself that I added other pages to my blog! Just click on the links up near the top of the page to bask in the glow of my battlefield victories. Find out all about me...or at least as much as I'm willing to admit to. My stint in the witness relocation program was omitted for obvious reasons. Need to know basis only...and you don't. Yet.

In a sweep of courage that is sure to send my other fraidy cats into a frenzy, I uploaded a page about my soon to be launched writing business. Who knew that when I went to the writer's conference it would unleash my inner tiger and drive out fraidy cats that had taken decades to get smug and comfortable?

If that isn't enough to keep us all busy, I've been studying on my Fraidy Cat Homeschoolers idea for about 3 years now. I'm almost through studying and about ready to launch that blog as well. Go tell all the unsocialized homeschoolers you know that I'm about to be unleashed on the world.  It'll give 'em time to run and hide. 

Yep, it's been a pretty satisfying day all in all.  Now if I could figure out one teeny-tiny little thing.  How to stop following my own blog.  Stop laughing. It was for the benefit of the advancement of technology.  In the process of creating the tutorial for those of you who are even less technologically sophisticated than me, I somehow opted to follow my own blog.  And, before I end up famous on TMZ or the cover of the National Enquirer, let me dispel the rumor about my multiple personalities.  They have all been integrated, so don't go telling people that my me-follower is actually one of my alters signed up to follow me as me. I mean, really, who would believe that anyway?

Come back tomorrow and bring a friend.  You know it ain't gonna be boring around here by now.  Doncha?

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