Friday, May 27, 2011

I Am a Friady Cat, Hear ME ROAR...meow....

I'm like a teenager in love. Remember how you used to count every week of a new relationship. If you count my blog life in teenager years, today is my 2nd anniversary. Meaning -- I've been posting for 2 weeks today. I'm pretty pitiful.  I check my clicks about 14 times a day.  If it hasn't changed in a while, I begin to hyperventilate thinking 'my public' has abandoned me.  I tell myself I have a public. Don't pop  my bubble!

My older son accuses me of checking just to make the counter go up. I had to show him that I had my blog edits set so that it would NOT count my click when I logged on! That boy needs to remember who taught him how to read and write, doncha think?

I realized today that I had not been looking at one of my stat pages like I should and nearly fainted when I saw that my little blog has gone intercontinental.  I don't know WHO you are, but if you live in India, Germany, Canada, or the UK, YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIENDS!  Well, right after the friends here stateside that convinced you to click on my link.  I don't know what they told you about me, but I'm pretty sure it isn't true...except for the good parts.  Those are completely reliable! Yea, uh-huh, I promise!

It's a good thing I'm not on Utube because the dance I did when I saw those international clicks would utterly embarrass my children and their children on into perpetuity.  Some folks leave their future generations millions. I leave mine embarrassment. I think it's in the parental handbook that I have the right to do so, and I intend to option that right at every opportunity! I figure since teenagers are going to treat us like we are embarrassing no matter what we do, we might as well live up to their lofty expectations. 

My 14YO tried to let me down easy when he saw my exuberance.  "Mom," he says, "I don't know how to tell you this, but sometime I click a link and end up some place I didn't mean to go.  I think that might be what happened.  You know how it is. They opened up your blog, realized their mistake, and just went on over to where they meant to go. They didn't really read your blog at all because it was just a mistake. And...they won't be back either."

You can kinda tell those 2 are related, can't you? With supporters like that, I'll never be too proud to stop and sign autographs.  Or to stand at the intersection of  3rd and Main St. in a fraidy cat costume with a sandwich board begging more people to come find me on the web. Like I said, I'm pretty pitiful like most teenagers in love. By the way, I'll be appearing at Haywood and Pelham tomorrow between 2 and 4 if any of you locals want to come out and support me! Reckon my testosterone units will be embarrassed by that little trick?

As you can imagine, I'm a pretty insecure blogger too. Hence, the fraidy cat moniker.  Will they like me? Will they like my blog?  Oh..that girl over there...her blog is fancier than my blog.  She follows the 400 word count rule too.  (My teacher always said I talked too much on my report card.)  I bet she was the teacher's pet in school! Yea, you know the drill.  Fear jams its foot in the door and lets all his sandy cohorts come spilling into the room rubbing me raw in places I didn't know I had!

If you are a fraidy cat newbie, you'll have to look back at my archive to catch up with the references to sandy fear-critters. Not that I mean that to be a subliminal suggestion or anything. But, if you are suggestible, you are now hovering your finger over the archive button to find out what you missed! And, you need to know I am also swinging a watch back and forth slowly in front of your line of vision. If you are not suggestible, maybe you are prone to hypnosis?

If I were anyone else tonight, I might be brave enough to R-O-A-R mightily and declare my blog experiment a roaring success.  So, pretend you hear me saying, "meow" thru an amplifier the size that Mick Jagger would use during a live performance.  If you are too young to imagine him, pick a younger rocker dude's amp and listen closely. That's me you hear.  I'd roar, but I'm too scared of my own amplified voice. I might scare you away!

What you hear me saying is, "Thank you. Thank you for coming. You honor me by spending a few minutes a day reading the stories that pop out of nowhere onto my keyboard."  Even if you came by accident and don't plan to come again, you brightened my day today. Again today, each of you has emboldened my inner roaring lion. He has not evicted the fraidy cat yet, but he's mapping out his battle plan. The truth is (but don't tell the boys): I do hope you will shock the sons of my old age and come back again. I hope you will tell your friends to come along with you! Even if you came by accident the first time. Especially if you came all the way from another continent! It's a hard thing to up your creds with your kids. And, thanks to you, I have!


  1. hahah.. There is a certain feeling of pride that goes with a blog. :) I have blogged some but didn't do it as much after mom died and it kind of fell off.

  2. It does become addicting in a way, doesn't it? I'm glad you told me about your blog. Have you posted recently? Now that you mention it, I think I clicked over to it one time from one or your emails. That was before I understood the power of the blog! I understand about life interfering.

    Today is a year since mom was admitted to ICU. I can't believe how brutal the next 11 wks were and wonder how I did all that I did while being at the hospital 8-24 hrs a day! Don't go underground if I show up as one of your followers! :-)